A Brief History of RenoEats

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A Brief History of RenoEats

We officially launched January 2022

A Brief History of RenoEats

What started as a simple community food network concept back in 2020 morphed into a loftier and much more inclusive scope. We could not be happier with the results, and hope you are too!

Our community consists of world class food experiences, enthusiasts, experts, chefs, cooks, servers, bartenders, mixologists, entertainers, writers, journalists, producers, creators, restaurants, pubs, diners, food trucks, and support businesses. All of which make a Brief History of RenoEats relevant and timely.

RenoEats scope is big!

  • Launched website January 1, 2022
  • Begin producing Business Directory videocasts Q3 2022
  • Recipe, Events and Shop channels follow suit Q4 2022
  • RenoEats.tv is scheduled to begin broadcasting Q1 2023
  • RenoEats Food Delivery App (FDA) along with Friends of RenoEats (FORE) are being developed to work for and support local business, workers, patrons, and community
  • FDA and FORE are scheduled to go live Q1 2024

We are proposing a world class studio food network. Including live studio audience, consumer test kitchen, and unique conference facility. A new type of community service promoting and advertising Northern Nevada food systems.

RenoEats intends to help mitigate negative economic impacts injected on our community by multinational business models which put little back into local economies!

We intend to foster economic opportunity with popular food culture through broadcasting local food systems boosting economy, food security, sustainability, largess and happiness!

We support historic and contemporary agricultural systems. We support local business and intend to educate, inform, and entertain our community with food.

Are you Reno’s next food show diva, home chef, nutrition, or media personality?

Maybe Spark’s latest food influencer?

Or a dedicated news reporter covering everything food in Northern Nevada?

Maybe a blog correspondent writing weekly columns for Bakers Pantry, Community Bites, Farm Fresh, or Kids Café.

Are you Lake Tahoe's or Carson City’s next chef-de-cuisine sharing local fare on RenoEats.tv?

Maybe you’re a closet journalist waiting to share your interest, insights and expertise on food!

Whichever the case RenoEats is here to engage, support, promote and showcase our community expertise, services and resources.

RenoEats is also a unique Business Directory featuring videocasts of the people, the food, recipes, and dining experiences.

RenoEats supports and encourages Buy Local campaigns, while incorporating a deeper philosophy about food and community and the roles each play in our local economy.

RenoEats will always be free to search, browse and enjoy.

Subscriptions cost $15 per year and are required to participate, comment, post, share, show, tell, entertain, promote, advertise, and proliferate Northern Nevada’s Food Economy.

Read our About Us page!

Share @letseatreno on social media!

If you support our mission, join and subscribe today!

Did we say subscriptions are free until we get our paywall up!

Your subscription will be confirmed.

Folks can expect to start seeing content published on the site beginning Q3 2022.

We hope you enjoy and participate. It takes a community to build a community!

RenoEats is searching for board member/managing partners to join our team. Click here for details.

RenoEats offers a variety of ways to connect with our community for dining, interest and fun with food! Let’s Eat Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to reach out and ask about getting involved.

Kent McCracken

CEO & Publisher

RenoEats.xyz | RenoEats.tv

Northern Nevada Community Food Network

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