The Mission

Promote, support and contribute to the diverse food and culinary experiences in Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada!

All about Great Eats in Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada!

RenoEats produces and publishes Northern Nevada Community Food Network.

We feature farms, markets, restaurants, support industry, and the people behind the food in Northern Nevada.

RenoEats is also a unique Business Directory featuring restaurants, eateries, farms, and markets.

We feature videocasts of the people, the food, recipes and experiences, directing viewers to local food and eats.

If your business would like to be added, updated, or to request a video listing, fill out our Request Inclusion form.

We’ll follow up to schedule, produce and publish your listing on RenoEats.xyz.

So, what's the catch?

When promoting a story, concept, or platform, you need to hook your audience from the start.

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RenoEats offers much more than just news and interest about great eats.

As a community food network, we offer a fresh taste and local appeal.

We cover and report on food and its relationship to community, economy, sustainability, health, wealth and prosperity.

We write about food, moderate forums discussing food, and produce videocasts relating to food.

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In addition to being all about great eats in Reno, we provide a marketplace supporting community food systems in support of a healthy economy.

Future plans include:

Local In! Multinational Out!

So much more than just a headline.

In this age of dominant multinational conglomerates, we believe it’s not only right promoting local business but vital to sustaining a healthy and wealthy economy.

Most of us recognize that giant conglomerates have hijacked local economies with global business models, but were here to say, “That’s not the way it needs to be and we're here to prove it"

Gig economies undermine stable jobs and work force, and leave workers without essential safety nets, diminish labor, and drain city, county and state resources.

More to the point, multinational and gig models contribute to reduced local tax base.

We all know these giant conglomerates are successful due to what they provide, and that many businesses utilize what they offer.

On the flip side, we recognize the many faults of these business models.

We are here to offer another option!

One that promotes, supports, and contributes to the diverse food and culinary experiences in Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada!

Our drive and motivation in challenging these business models is to mitigate negative economic impacts they inject on our community.

Join us to help mitigate these economic disparities head on, through community support and government accountability.

The growth of Reno’s tourist economy is directly supported by an assortment of culturally diverse restaurants, eateries, cafés, bars, pubs, breweries, and food trucks all with the same goal – to meet the demand for quality cuisine and great eats.

Northern Nevada restaurants meet a universal need for great culinary fare and diversity.

Our amazing eateries rival those of any region and are redefining what it takes to be a leader in the culinary arts.

With over 1200 restaurants serving Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada, RenoEats features every single one of them as listed in our business directory, providing in-depth information about where and what to eat in Northern Nevada.

All about great eats in Reno supports community knowledge and interest about local food systems.

You are cordially invited to browse and participate.

Let’s Eat Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada!

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