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Investing in our Community

Our search is on!

RenoEats is searching for board member and managing directors.

Read our Mission Statement

We are looking to fill the following board member and managing director positions.

  1. Editor in Chief (EIC). Edit and publish copy for our news, blog, and forum channels.
  2. Chief Production Manager (CPM). Produce recorded, and live stream, shows and events.
  3. Chief Legal Officer (CLO). Legal authority and counsel in publishing, telecommunications, news, blog, forums, business, contracts, licensing, etc.

We are searching for food advocates. Those interested in investing in our community.

RenoEats current team exists of our CEO, Publisher, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

RenoEats intends an eight-person board of directors, five managing director seats, one staff representative, and one seat each from local food industry and community partners to best direct the future of this community food network.

To apply, email letseat@renoeats.xyz with ‘BOARD/DIRECTOR APPLICATION’ in the Subject line. Include a resume and cover letter, which role, and why you’re the right person to help further RenoEats mission. Ongoing search and application process. Applications accepted until positions filled.

Qualified applicants will be provided [requires signed NDA] an Executive Summary, Business Plan, Articles of Incorporation, and Operating Agreement, to satisfy interest and security in what RenoEats is offering, and what applicants need to qualify to onboard.

Dedicated, fun, community minded, food enthusiasts with relevant technical skills please apply.

RenoEats.xyz website is live, in beta stage, to test User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), design, and performance. We are utilizing early adopters, subscribers and viewers as patron saints to help us understand and finalize how the website and public will interact, and vice versa, and adapt to those metrics.

Beta testing is scheduled to continue through the first year.

RenoEats is initially launched as a responsive website vs. dedicated app.

In addition to RenoEats website we intend to launch a dedicated app in 2024. A contemporary Food Delivery Application (FDA) as a local collective to best serve our community, businesses, and workers.

RenoEats FDA will include free food delivery service to seniors, plus an in-app service named Friends of RenoEats (FORE) to collect and distribute donated food products to local food banks.

We’ll have some hiccups the first year and we’ll receive our share of negatives, but hey, we're free to read so we will just grow thick skin while beta testing our website.

RenoEats is investing in our Community in this, and many other ways!

Did I mention subscriptions are free until we get our paywall up?

Join us.  Subscribe for free now!

With a subscription, users will be able to post and create topics in the forum, comment on news and blog posts, like, share and communicate with others on our online community.

Folks can expect to start seeing content published on the site towards the end of 2023.

Thank you for reading.

Kent McCracken

CEO & Publisher

RenoEats.xyz | RenoEats.tv

Northern Nevada Community Food Network

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