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RenoEats is a Community Food Network serving Northern Nevada, providing news, blog, forum, videocasts, education, information, and entertainment about food.

Let's Eat Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada!

We feature local farms, markets, restaurants, events, specials, contests and great eats!

RenoEats is also a unique business directory featuring all the best restaurants, eateries, farms, markets, and food purveyors. We feature videocasts of the food, recipes, establishments, and culture throughout Northern Nevada.

Let's Eat Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada

Our slogan – Let's Eat Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada, depicts, in the simplest of terms our most basic philosophy, while qualifying that food is THE central topic here.

When you hear the term 'Let's Eat Reno' you know we stand behind everything good about food in Northern Nevada.

If you support local initiatives give us a shout. If you support our mission join us!

We offer video listings for local businesses. Get yours today!


So, what's the catch?

We offer a fresh taste and local appeal as a community food network. One we believe will not only delight your senses, but help support our economy to a more sustainable future.

In addition to being all about great eats in Northern Nevada, we support 'Buy Local' campaigns, incorporating a much deeper philosophy about food and community and the roles each play in our economy.

As a Community Food Network RenoEats covers and reports on news about food.

We write about food, and manage forums discussing food, and produce videocasts about everything relating to food in Northern Nevada.

Future plans include:

  • Studio test kitchen
  • Local delivery app
  • Free food delivery for seniors
  • Donate 10% net profits to youth food programs
  • Friends of RenoEats – Collect and distribute donated food products

Local In! Multinational Out!

In this age of multinational conglomerates, we believe it’s not only right promoting local business but vital to sustaining a resilient economy.

This is our drive and motivation in challenging these business models.

We are here to offer another option! One that works with, supports and contributes to the diverse food and culinary experiences in Northern Nevada.

We realize we have a long road ahead of us in staking our claim in this industry and developing a quality community food network.

RenoEats provides a uniquely different service, in that we offer video listings of local restaurants and food establishments, for an inside look into the menus, chefs, food, and services.

So come on in, take a peak around. Read up on some news, interest and fun with food.

Start a topic in our forum, comment on our blog, news and video posts, or maybe even become a local correspondent for RenoEats!

Let's Eat Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada!

Reno history began when Charles William Fuller arrived in the Truckee Meadows in 1859.

Fuller occupied a piece of land on the south bank of the Truckee River. By early 1860, he had constructed a bridge and small hotel, and the place was known as Fuller's Crossing.

The Central Pacific Railroad crossed the Sierra Nevada in 1868 and pushed its tracks into the Truckee Meadows. In 1871, the Nevada State Legislature moved Washoe County seat to Reno, where one year later the Virginia & Truckee Railroad extended its line.

The town soon became an important commercial center on the transcontinental railroad and a transfer point for the immense wealth coming out of the gold and silver mines of Nevada and California.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Reno gained national notoriety after a number of famous people obtained divorces in the city under Nevada's lenient laws. Newspapers sensationalized the incidents, dubbing Reno the "divorce capital of the world."

Reno's sister city, Sparks, was established in 1904 as a division point on the Southern Pacific Railroad.

After the legalization of casino gambling by the state legislature in 1931, Reno filled with gambling establishments–beginning the start of a tourist industry that flourishes today.

The growth of Reno’s tourist economy is directly supported by an assortment of culturally diverse restaurants, eateries, cafés, bars, pubs, breweries & food trucks all with the same goal – to meet demand for quality cuisine and great eats.

Northern Nevada restaurants meet a universal interest for great culinary fare and diversity with amazing eateries to rival that of any region, if not challenge the norm of what defines rank or standing as a leader within the culinary arts.

With over 1200 restaurants serving Northern Nevada, RenoEats features every single one of them as listed in our Business Directory, providing in-depth information about food and dining in Northern Nevada. Let's Eat!

RenoEats Community Food Network is built to promote and support everything local about food in Northern Nevada.

You are cordially invited to browse, join and participate.

Welcome to RenoEats. Let’s Eat Reno!

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