renoeats staff

Kent McCracken

Chief Executive Officer
Kent just loves food!
Let's Eat, Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada!


Joy Planet

Executive Editor
Joy is handy with words and communicating concepts.

Taka sugi Sing

Managing Editor
Taka Sugi Sing – translates as "master of many words!"

Suila Tanager

Copy Editor
Suila came to us from Chicago via UNR School of Journalism. She abhors mistakes. She's our grammar queen!


Georgia Brown

Executive Producer
Georgia is crazy creative in bringing your stories to life!

Heady higgins

Director of Photgraphy
Heady collects and owns 158 camera's since her first Olympus given to her by her daddy.

Calculus Delmonica

Production Crew - Audio
Calculus is an audio engineer from LA. He loves to eat, so feed him well. Your sound quality depends on it.

Surgey Minnits

Production Crew - Lighting
If you look good in your video, well, that's because Surgey lit it!

Hally siezemore

Production Crew - Grip
If it happened on time and on budget, it's due to Hally's very capable hands!

Public Relations

Murium Sanctony

Director of Partnerships, Sponsorships & Public Relations.
Murium is the heart & sole of RenoEats partnerships and public relations committee.


Shamus Otoole

Events Manager
Shamus makes it all happen. A true savant in managing any event.

Courtney Signate

Courtney keeps Shamus honest. Shamus really can't do his job without Courtney!

Subscriptions & circulation

Jane Mansfield

Director of Audience Engagement
No relation...but Jane carries her namesake's class and charm, and keeps our membership super duper happy.


Curtis Hywattia

Head Sales Wrangler
Curtis is our true champion. If you want to advertise with RenoEats, Curtis keeps it simple and on point.

Accounting & Finance

Jeremy Landis

Director of Finance
Jeremy navigates and simplifies our finances for all our sake!

Shelly Long

Acounting Manager
Shelley is a mathematical genius and keeps Jeremy glued to his ledgers longer than he likes!
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